About BuyerGenomics

BuyerGenomics is a fully automated customer and prospect management system, enabling robust usage of data in everyday marketing operation ensuring significant growth in business for retailers. It includes, in a fully automated fashion, all data-related marketing functions users can imagine; seamless data ingestion and consolidation, customer-centric database featuring true 360-degree customer view, comprehensive reporting, intuitive segmentation and targeting, as well as user-friendly email campaign functions. BuyerGenomics packs so many features which have been available only to big-time spenders; now small and medium size retailers may get the full benefit of advanced database marketing at a fraction of the cost.

Here at BuyerGenomics, our mission statement is simple: “Make Success Inevitable”. BuyerGenomics accomplishes that mission through data-driven and result-oriented culture that aggressively rewards problem-solving, client relationship building, and thought-leadership. We are looking for “smart creative” minds who can solve problems, synthesize data, and continuously learn new ways to help clients market smarter.

Current openings